1. Opening into the skull. 2. Formerly used operation for perforation of the head of the fetus, removal of the contents, and compression of the empty skull, when delivery by natural means is impossible. [cranio- + G. tome, incision]
- attached c. c. with a segment of the calvaria and attached soft tissues turned as a flap to expose the cranial cavity. SYN: attached cranial section, osteoplastic c..
- detached c. c. with section of cranium separated from its soft tissue attachments. SYN: detached cranial section.
- osteoplastic c. SYN: attached c..

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cra·ni·ot·o·my .krā-nē-'ät-ə-mē n, pl -mies
1) the operation of cutting or crushing the fetal head to effect delivery <fetal craniotomies...performed to save the life of the mother (R. E. Frisch)>
2) surgical opening of the skull

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1. surgical removal of a portion of the skull (cranium), performed to expose the brain and meninges for inspection or biopsy or to relieve excessive intracranial pressure (as in a subdural haematoma).
2. surgical perforation of the skull of a dead fetus during difficult labour, so that delivery may continue.
For both operations the instrument used is called a craniotome.

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cra·ni·ot·o·my (kra″ne-otґə-me) [cranio- + -tomy] any operation on the cranium; incision into the cranium.

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