A primitive custom in certain cultures in which a man develops labor pains while his wife is in labor and then submits to the same postpartum purification rites and taboos. [Fr. couver, to hatch]

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cou·vade kü-'väd n a custom in some cultures in which when a child is born the father takes to bed as if bearing the child and submits himself to fasting, purification, or taboos

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1. a custom in some tribes whereby a father takes to his bed during or after the birth of his child.
2. a symptom of abdominal pain experienced by a man in relation to his wife's giving birth. It may be due to conversion disorder, anxiety, or sympathy.

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cou·vade (koo-vahdґ) a custom of certain societies in which the husband feigns illness during his wife's parturient and puerperal periods.

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