1. The outline of a part; the surface configuration. 2. In dentistry, to restore the normal outlines of a broken or otherwise misshapen tooth, or to create the external shape or form of a prosthesis. [L. con- (intens.), + torno, to turn (in a lathe), fr. tornus, a lathe]
- flange c. the design of the flange of a denture.
- gingival c. the shape or form of the gingiva, either natural or artificial, around the necks of the teeth. SYN: gum c..
- gum c. SYN: gingival c..
- height of c. See height of c..

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con·tour 'kän-.tu̇(ə)r n an outline esp. of a curving or irregular figure also the line representing this outline
contour vt to shape the contour of <\contour a gingiva in gingivoplasty>

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con·tour (konґtr) [Fr.] 1. the normal outline or configuration of the body or of a part. 2. to shape a solid along certain desired lines.

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