1. See c. enzyme. 2. In genetics, descriptive of a gene that is controlled by constantly active promoter.

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con·sti·tu·tive 'kän(t)-stə-.t(y)üt-iv, kən-'stich-ət-iv adj
1 a) of, relating to, or being an enzyme or protein produced in relatively constant amounts in all cells of an organism without regard to cell environmental conditions (as the concentration of a substrate) compare INDUCIBLE (a)
b) controlling production of or coding genetic information for a constitutive enzyme or protein <\constitutive genes> <\constitutive mutations>
2) being chromatin of a chromosomal region that is condensed into heterochromatin in all cells of an organism rather than just some
con·sti·tu·tive·ly adv

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con·sti·tu·tive (kon-stĭ-tooґtiv) (kon-stichґu-tiv) produced constantly or in fixed amounts, regardless of environmental conditions or demand; cf. inducible.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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