1. Pertaining to or characterized by commensalism. 2. An organism participating in commensalism.

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com·men·sal kə-'men(t)-səl adj of, relating to, or living in a state of commensalism
commensal n
com·men·sal·ly -sə-lē adv

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an organism that lives in close association with another of a different species without either harming or benefiting it. For example, some microorganisms living in the gut obtain both food and a suitable habitat but neither harm nor benefit humans. Compare symbiosis.

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com·men·sal (ko-menґsəl) [com- + L. mensa table] 1. living on or within another organism, and deriving benefit without injuring or benefiting the other individual. 2. an organism living on or within another, but not causing injury to the host. See symbiosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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