arterial varix

a racemose aneurysm or varicose artery.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Aneurysm — A localized widening (dilatation) of an artery, vein, or the heart. At the area of an aneurysm, there is typically a bulge and the wall is weakened and may rupture. The word “aneurysm” comes from the Greek “aneurysma” meaning “a widening.” * * *… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Cirsoid aneurysm — A cirsoid aneurysm is the dilation of a group of blood vessels due to congenital malformations with AV (arterio venous) shunting. Cirsoid means resembling a varix. Sometimes, a minor traumatic episode, such as a fall or bump on the head, can lead …   Wikipedia

  • Racemose aneurysm — An aneurysm that looks like a bunch of grapes. * * * a condition in which the blood vessels become dilated, lengthened, and tortuous; called also cirsoid a., cirsoid varix, and diffuse arterial ectasia …   Medical dictionary

  • arteriovenous aneurysm — a direct communication between an artery and vein, without an intervening capillary bed. It can occur as a congenital abnormality or it may be acquired following injury or surgery. It may affect the limbs, lungs, or viscera and may be single or… …   Medical dictionary

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