van Gieson stain

van Gie·son stain (van geґsən) [Ira van Gieson, American neuropathologist, 1865–1913] see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain.

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  • van Gieson stain — any of several staining solutions formerly widely used for connective tissue samples …   Medical dictionary

  • Verhoeff-van Gieson stain — Ver·hoeff van Gie·son stain (vurґhef van geґsən) [F.H. Verhoeff; Ira van Gieson, American neuropathologist, 1865–1913] see Stains and Staining Methods, under stain …   Medical dictionary

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  • Van Gieson's stain — is a mixture of Picric Acid and Acid Fuchsin. It is the simplest method of differential staining of Collagen and other Connective Tissue.Formula *100 mL of Saturated Aqueous solution of Picric Acid added to 5 mL of 1% Aqueous solution of Acid… …   Wikipedia

  • stain — 1. To discolor. 2. To color; to dye. 3. A discoloration. 4. A dye used in histologic and bacteriologic technique. 5. A procedure in which a dye or combination of dyes and reagents is used to color the constituents of cells and tissues. For… …   Medical dictionary

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