Kerckring valves

Kerkring valves plicae circulares.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Kerckring (Kerkring) center (ossicle) folds (valves) — Kerck·ring (Kerkring) center (ossicle), folds (valves) (kerkґring) [Theodorus Kerckring (or Kerkring), German born anatomist in the Netherlands, 1640–1693] see under center and see plicae circulares …   Medical dictionary

  • Kerckring — Theodor, Dutch anatomist, 1640–1693. See K. center, K. folds, under fold, ossicle, K. valves, under valve …   Medical dictionary

  • Theodor Kerckring — The 22 year old Theodore Kerckring by Jurgen Ovens (1660).[1] Theodor Kerckring or Dirk Kerckring (sometimes Kerckeringh or Kerckerinck) (baptized 22 July 1638 2 November 1693) was a Dutch anatomist and chemical physician.[2] …   Wikipedia

  • fold — 1. A ridge or margin apparently formed by the doubling back of a lamina. SYN: plica. 2. In the embryo, a transient elevation or reduplication of tissue in the form of a lamina …   Medical dictionary

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