Pertaining to the clivus.

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  • clival meningioma — a posterior fossa meningioma located over the middle or rostral part of the clivus; symptoms include palsy of the fifth, seventh, or eighth cranial nerve and gait ataxia …   Medical dictionary

  • Chordoma — Classification and external resources MRI of extensive clival chordoma in 17 year old male patient, axial view. Tumor in the nasopharynx extending from nasal cavity to brainstem posteriorly is clearly visible. ICD O …   Wikipedia

  • clivus — 1. A downward sloping surface. 2. [TA] The sloping surface from the dorsum sellae to the foramen magnum composed of part of the body of the sphenoid and part of the basal part of the occipital …   Medical dictionary

  • part — A portion. SYN: pars [TA]. abdominal p. of aorta SYN: abdominal aorta. abdominal p. of esophagus [TA] the portion of the esophagus from where it passes through the diaphragm to the stomach. See …   Medical dictionary

  • Arnold–Chiari malformation — Arnold Chiari Classification and external resources A T1 weighted sagittal MRI scan, from a patient with an Arnold Chiari malformation, demonstrating tonsillar herniation of 7mm …   Wikipedia

  • posterior fossa meningioma — a meningioma in the posterior cranial fossa; these include tentorial, clival, and cerebellopontine angle meningiomas …   Medical dictionary

  • pars cerebralis arteriae carotidis internae — [TA] cerebral part of internal carotid artery: the terminal part of the artery, which gives off branches comprising the ophthalmic, superior hypophysial, posterior communicating, anterior choroidal, and uncal arteries, and clival and meningeal… …   Medical dictionary

  • rami clivales partes cerebralis arteriae carotidis internae — [TA] clival branches of cerebral part of internal carotid artery: twigs from the cerebral part of the internal carotid artery that supply the clivus …   Medical dictionary

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