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  • dysostosis — SYN: dysosteogenesis. [dys + G. osteon, bone, + osis, condition] acrofacial d. mandibulofacial d. associated with malformations of the extremities such as defective radius and thumbs, and radioulnar synostosis. SEE ALSO: Treacher Collins syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • Dysplasia — Abnormal in form. From the Greek dys (bad, disordered, abnormal) and plassein (to form). For example, retinal dysplasia is abnormal formation of the retina during embryonic development. * * * Abnormal tissue development. SEE ALSO: heteroplasia.… …   Medical dictionary

  • cleidocranial — Relating to the clavicle and the cranium. SYN: clidocranial. [G. kleis, clavicle, + kranion, cranium] * * * clei·do·cra·ni·al (kli″do kraґne əl) [cleido + cranium] pertaining to the clavicle and the head …   Medical dictionary

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