SYN: circle. 2. A circle formed by connecting arteries, veins, or nerves. [L. dim. of circus, circle]
- c. arteriosus cerebri [TA] SYN: cerebral arterial circle.
- c. arteriosus halleri SYN: vascular circle of optic nerve.
- c. arteriosus iridis major [TA] SYN: major arterial circle of iris.
- c. arteriosus iridis minor [TA] SYN: minor arterial circle of iris.
- c. articularis vasculosus SYN: articular vascular plexus.
- major c. arteriosus of iris [TA] SYN: major arterial circle of iris.
- minor c. arteriosus of iris [TA] SYN: minor arterial circle of iris.
- c. vasculosus nervi optici [TA] SYN: vascular circle of optic nerve.
- c. venosus halleri SYN: areolar venous plexus.
- c. venosus ridleyi SYN: circular sinus (1).
- c. zinnii SYN: vascular circle of optic nerve.

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cir·cu·lus -ləs n, pl -li -.lī an anatomical circle or ring esp. of veins or arteries

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cir·cu·lus (surґku-ləs) pl. cirґculi [L. “a ring”] circle: in anatomy, a ringlike arrangement, usually of arteries or veins.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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