A metallic element, atomic no. 24, atomic wt. 51.9961. A dietary essential bioelement. 51Cr (half-life of 27.70 days) is used as a diagnostic aid in many disorders ( e.g., gastrointestinal protein loss). [G. chroma, color]
- c. trioxide CrO3; chromic acid, a strong oxidizing agent used as a caustic in the removal of warts and other small growths from the skin and genitals; the hydrated acid, H2CrO4, forms variously colored salts with potassium, lead, and other bases.

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chro·mi·um 'krō-mē-əm n a blue-white metallic element found naturally only in combination and used esp. in alloys and in electroplating symbol Cr see ELEMENT (table)

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chro·mi·um (Cr) (kroґme-əm) [L., from Gr. chrōma color] a blue-white, brittle metal, atomic number 24, atomic weight 51.996, specific gravity 7.1; several of its compounds are pigments, and the metal itself is used for weather-resistant plating; it is also an important component of most base metal alloys used in dentistry. Chromium plays a role in glucose metabolism and is considered essential in trace amounts in nutrition. Hexavalent chromium is carcinogenic.

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