Noninflammatory degeneration of the choroid.
- areolar c. a slowly progressive pigmentary degeneration in young persons; characterized by black foci closely set together and coalescent at the posterior pole and macular region. SYN: central areolar choroidal atrophy, central areolar choroidal sclerosis.
- central serous c. an idiopathic sensory retinal detachment in the macula; more common in males. SYN: central angiospastic retinopathy, central serous retinopathy.
- Doyne honeycomb c. obsolete term for macular drusen.
- geographic c. SYN: serpiginous c..
- helicoid c. SYN: serpiginous c..
- myopic c. chronic degeneration of the sclera and choroid with posterior staphyloma, accompanying high myopia.
- serpiginous c. bilateral acquired abnormality of retinal pigment epithelium and choroid in which irregular multiple progressive swelling is followed by atrophic scars in linear patterns. SYN: geographic c., helicoid c..

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cho·roid·op·a·thy .kōr-.ȯi-'däp-ə-thē, .kȯr- n, pl -thies a diseased condition affecting the choroid of the eye

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cho·roid·op·a·thy (kor″oid-opґə-the) choroiditis.

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