SYN: bile peritonitis.

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cho·le·peri·to·ni·tis (ko″lə-per″ĭ-tə-niґtis) choleperitoneum.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Peritonitis — Inflammation of the peritoneum (The peritoneum is the tissue layer of cells lining the inner wall of the abdomen and pelvis). Peritonitis can result from infection (such as bacteria or parasites), injury and bleeding, or diseases (such as… …   Medical dictionary

  • choleperitoneum — cho·le·peri·to·ne·um (ko″lə per″ĭ to neґəm) [chole + peritoneum] the presence of bile in the peritoneum resulting from rupture of the bile passages; called also bile or biliary ascites, bile or biliary peritonitis, and… …   Medical dictionary

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