A genus of fleas (family Ceratophyllidae) found in temperate climates; includes important fleas of poultry such as C. niger, the western chicken flea, and C. gallinae, the European chicken flea, although these fleas have a wide range of hosts, including humans. [cerat- (kerat-) + G. phyllon, leaf]
- C. punjatensis a species of flea abundant on wild and domestic rodents in India; may serve as a liaison agent between wild rodents and humans in the transmission of plague.

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Cer·a·to·phyl·lus .ser-ə-(.)tō-'fil-əs n a genus of fleas formerly coextensive with the family Dolichopsyllidae but now restricted to some parasites of birds

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Cer·a·to·phyl·lus (ser″ə-to-filґəs) [Gr. keras horn + phyllon leaf] a genus of fleas, now including only bird fleas, but formerly including those of birds and small mammals.

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