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  • cementodentinal junction — dentinocemental j …   Medical dictionary

  • junction — The point, line, or surface of union of two parts, mainly bones or cartilages. SYN: juncture. SYN: junctura (2) [TA], junctio. adhering junctions intercellular junctions, including zonulae adherentes, hemidesmosomes, and desmosomes, that… …   Medical dictionary

  • Cementum — The cementum is the surface layer of the tooth root (B). Rather than being a passive entity like paint on a wall, cementum is a dynamic entity within the periodontium. It is attached to the alveolar bone (C) by the fibers of the periodontal… …   Wikipedia

  • dentinocemental — Relating to the dentin and cementum of teeth. SYN: cementodentinal. * * * den·ti·no·ce·men·tal (den″tĭ no sə menґtəl) pertaining to the dentin and the cementum …   Medical dictionary

  • dentinocemental junction — the plane of meeting between the dentin and cementum on the root of a tooth, containing a large amount of protein, particularly collagen, and less inorganic material than either dentin or cementum; it is believed to reduce the mechanical stress… …   Medical dictionary

  • odontoblastic process — one of the slender protoplasmic processes in a dentinal tubule, a cytoplasmic extension of the cell body; these processes extend from the dentinoenamel junction and cementodentinal junction to the cell bodies of odontoblasts in the dental pulp.… …   Medical dictionary

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