interocclusal record

bite registration.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • interocclusal record centric — a record of the centric jaw position (relation) …   Medical dictionary

  • interocclusal record eccentric — a record of a jaw relation other than the centric relation …   Medical dictionary

  • interocclusal record lateral — a record of a lateral eccentric jaw position …   Medical dictionary

  • interocclusal record protrusive — a record of a protruded eccentric jaw position …   Medical dictionary

  • record — 1. In medicine, a chronologic written account that includes a patient s initial complaint(s) and medical history, physical findings, results of diagnostic tests and procedures, any therapeutic medicines and/or procedures, and subsequent… …   Medical dictionary

  • bite — 1. To incise or seize with the teeth. 2. The act of incision or seizure with the teeth. 3. A morsel of food held between the teeth. 4. Term used to denote the amount of pressure developed in closing the jaws. 5. Undesirable jargon for terms such… …   Medical dictionary

  • checkbite — SYN: interocclusal record. * * * check·bite chek .bīt n 1 a) an act of biting into a sheet of material (as wax) to record the relation between the opposing surfaces of upper and lower teeth b) the record obtained 2) the material for checkbites …   Medical dictionary

  • bite registration — interocclusal registration a record of the positional relation of the teeth or jaws to each other, made on occlusal surfaces of occlusion rims or teeth in a plastic material which hardens, such as plaster of Paris or wax …   Medical dictionary

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