depressive reaction

depression; the term is sometimes used to denote specific types of depression, such as reactive depression, or any of various mood disorders in which depression plays the predominant role.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • depressive reaction — Mental or emotional condition, precipitated by some external factor and manifested by guilt, self depreciation, psychomotor retardation, defection and/or sense of inadequacy; generally considered to be a neurosis …   Black's law dictionary

  • manic-depressive reaction — n BIPOLAR DISORDER * * * former name for bipolar disorder; see bipolar disorders (def. 2), under disorder …   Medical dictionary

  • psychotic depressive reaction — psychosis characterized by depressed mood resulting from a specific event, usually in a patient without prior history of severe depression; the condition has been incorporated into major depressive disorder …   Medical dictionary

  • manic-depressive reaction — noun see manic depressive psychosis …   Useful english dictionary

  • Réaction thérapeutique négative — Décrite par Freud en 1923 comme résistance à la guérison par la psychanalyse. Il décrit certain patients qui ne supportent pas le progrès du traitement ou les paroles d encouragement que l analyste a cru bon, à un moment donné, de leur offrir, et …   Wikipédia en Français

  • reaction — Synonyms and related words: Bourbonism, Toryism, acknowledgment, action and reaction, aeromotor, affect, affection, answer, answering, antagonism, antipathy, antiphon, assumption, attitude, back answer, back talk, backchat, backlash, backset,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • reaction — 1. The response of a muscle or other living tissue or organism to a stimulus. 2. The color change effected in litmus and certain other organic pigments by contact with substances such as acids or alkalies; also the property that such substances… …   Medical dictionary

  • Major depressive disorder — For other depressive disorders, see Mood disorder. Major Depressive Disorder Classification and external resources …   Wikipedia

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  • MANIACO-DÉPRESSIVE (PSYCHOSE) — Connue depuis l’Antiquité, la survenue chez un même sujet d’états de dépression et d’états d’excitation a inspiré au cours des siècles la veine descriptive et classificatoire des médecins et des psychiatres. En 1899, E. Kraepelin fait la synthèse …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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