A form of coagulation necrosis in which the necrotic tissue resembles cheese and contains a mixture of protein and fat that is absorbed very slowly; occurs particularly in tuberculosis. SEE ALSO: caseous necrosis. SYN: tyrosis (2). [L. caseus, cheese]

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ca·se·ation .kā-sē-'ā-shən n necrosis with conversion of damaged tissue into a soft cheesy substance

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the breakdown of diseased tissue into a dry cheeselike mass: a type of degeneration associated with tubercular lesions.

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ca·se·a·tion (ka″se-aґshən) [L. caseus cheese] 1. the precipitation of casein. 2. necrosis in which the tissue becomes a soft, dry, crumbly mass resembling cheese, usually caused by mycobacterial infection. Called also caseous or cheesy necrosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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