senile plaques

neuritic p's.

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  • Senile Plaques — (Silberimprägnation) Senile Plaques (syn. neuritische Plaques, senile Drusen, Hirndrusen) sind extrazelluläre Ablagerungen von Beta Amyloid in der grauen Hirnsubstanz. Die Ablagerungen sind vergesellschaftet mit degenerativen nervalen Strukturen… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Senile plaques — Amyloid beta immunostaining showing senile plaques. Senile plaques (syn. neuritic plaques, senile druse, braindruse) are extracellular deposits of amyloid in the gray matter of the brain. The deposits are associated with degenerative neural… …   Wikipedia

  • sénile — [ senil ] adj. • XVe, puis 1512; lat. senilis, de senex « vieillard » 1 ♦ De vieillard, propre à la vieillesse. « d une voix sénile mais encore bien accentuée » (Gautier). ♢ Méd. Involution sénile : ensemble des phénomènes de régression d un… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • senile plaque — Characteristic feature of the brains of Alzheimer s disease patients and aged monkeys, consisting of a core of amyloid fibrils surrounded by dystrophic neurites. The principal component of amyloid fibrils in senile plaques is B/A4, a peptide of… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Redlich-Fisher miliary plaques — thickened, dark colored areas in the neuroglia reticulum of the brain, seen in cases of senile psychoses …   Medical dictionary

  • Сенильные бляшки — (senile plaques) – отложения бета амилоидного протеина округлой формы в промежутках между отдельными клетками паренхимы головного мозга и некоторых кровеносных сосудов при старческой деменции и старении …   Энциклопедический словарь по психологии и педагогике

  • Сенильные бляшки — (senile plaques) отложения бета амилоидного протеина округлой формы в промежутке между некоторыми клетками мозга и в некоторых кровеносных сосудах по мере того, как люди стареют …   Общая психология: глоссарий

  • Alzheimer's disease — Alzheimer redirects here. For other uses, see Alzheimer (disambiguation). Alzheimer s disease Classification and external resources …   Wikipedia

  • Dementia —    Dementia, in the sense of a temporary or permanent loss of brain function that could affect people of all ages, has always been familiar to physicians. The elderly in particular have often been implicated in global deficits in personality,… …   Historical dictionary of Psychiatry

  • Alzheimer-Demenz — Klassifikation nach ICD 10 G30. + Alzheimer Krankheit G30.1 Alzheimer Krankheit mit spätem Beginn (nach 65. Lj.) F00. * …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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