1. Covering. 2. The aggregation at one end of a cell of surface antigens that have been bound and cross-linked by antibodies; this cap is then endocytosed by the cell.
- direct pulp c. a procedure for covering and protecting an exposed vital pulp.
- indirect pulp c. the application of a suspension of calcium hydroxide to a thin layer of dentin overlying the pulp (near exposure) in order to stimulate secondary dentin formation and protect the pulp.

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1. a colloquial term for crowning: the technique of fitting a tooth with an artificial crown.

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cap·ping (kapґing) 3. the provision of a protective or obstructive covering. 4. the movement of cell surface antigens into a small region (cap) on the cell surface owing to the cross-linking of antigens by specific antibody. 5. the attachment of a protein to the end of a linear polymer, such as actin, preventing the addition or loss of subunits at that end. 6. in restorative dental procedures: (a) covering of tooth cusps weakened by caries with a protective metal overlay; see cusp restoration, under restoration; (b) colloquial term for replacement of the crown of a natural tooth with an artificial crown (cap).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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