The formation of canals or channels in a tissue.

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ca·na·li·za·tion or Brit ca·na·li·sa·tion .kan-əl-ə-'zā-shən n
1) surgical formation of holes or canals for drainage without tubes
2) natural formation of new channels in tissue (as formation of new blood vessels through a blood clot)
3) establishment of new pathways in the central nervous system by repeated passage of nerve impulses
4) the developmental buffering and homeostatic processes by which a particular kind of organism forms a relatively constant phenotype although individuals may have a variety of genotypes and environmental conditions may vary

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can·a·li·za·tion (kan″ə-lĭ-zaґshən) 1. formation of canals, natural or pathologic. 2. surgical establishment of canals for drainage. 3. recanalization. 4. in psychology, formation in the central nervous system of new pathways by repeated passage of nerve impulses.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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