SYN: canal. [L.]
- c. adductorius [TA] SYN: adductor canal.
- canales alveolares corporis maxillae [TA] SYN: alveolar canals of maxilla, under canal.
- c. analis [TA] SYN: anal canal.
- c. caroticus [TA] SYN: carotid canal.
- c. carpi [TA] SYN: carpal tunnel.
- c. centralis medullae spinalis [TA] SYN: central canal.
- c. cervicis uteri [TA] SYN: cervical canal.
- c. condylaris [TA] SYN: condylar canal.
- canales diploici [TA] SYN: diploic canals, under canal.
- c. femoralis [TA] SYN: femoral canal.
- c. gastricus [TA] SYN: gastric canal.
- c. hyaloideus [TA] SYN: hyaloid canal.
- c. hypoglossalis [TA] SYN: hypoglossal canal.
- canales incisivi [TA] SYN: incisive canals, under canal.
- c. infraorbitalis [TA] SYN: infraorbital canal.
- c. inguinalis [TA] SYN: inguinal canal.
- canales longitudinales modioli [TA] SYN: longitudinal canals of modiolus, under canal.
- c. mandibulae [TA] SYN: mandibular canal.
- c. musculotubarius [TA] SYN: musculotubal canal.
- c. nasolacrimalis [TA] SYN: nasolacrimal canal.
- c. nervi facialis [TA] SYN: facial canal.
- c. nervi petrosi superficialis minoris SYN: hiatus for lesser petrosal nerve.
- c. nutricius [TA] SYN: nutrient canal.
- c. obturatorius [TA] SYN: obturator canal.
- c. opticus [TA] SYN: optic canal.
- canales palatini minores [TA] SYN: lesser palatine canals, under canal.
- c. palatinus major [TA] SYN: greater palatine canal.
- c. palatovaginalis SYN: palatovaginal canal.
- c. pterygoideus [TA] SYN: pterygoid canal.
- c. pudendalis [TA] SYN: pudendal canal.
- c. pyloricus [TA] SYN: pyloric canal.
- c. radicis dentis [TA] SYN: root canal of tooth.
- c. reuniens SYN: ductus reuniens.
- c. sacralis [TA] SYN: sacral canal.
- canales semicircularis anterior anterior semicurcular canal. See semicircular canals of bony labyrinth, under canal.
- canales semicircularis lateralis lateral semicircular canal. See semicircular canals of bony labyrinth, under canal.
- canales semicircularis ossei SYN: semicircular canals of bony labyrinth, under canal.
- canales semicircularis posterior posterior semicircular canal. See semicircular canals of bony labyrinth, under canal.
- c. spiralis cochleae [TA] SYN: spiral canal of cochlea.
- c. spiralis modioli [TA] SYN: spiral canal of modiolus.
- c. umbilicalis SYN: umbilical ring.
- c. vertebralis [TA] SYN: vertebral canal.
- c. vomerorostralis [TA] SYN: vomerorostral canal.
- c. vomerovaginalis [TA] SYN: vomerovaginal canal.

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ca·na·lis kə-'nal-əs, -'näl- n, pl ca·na·les -'nal-(.)ēz, -'näl-(.)ās CANAL

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ca·na·lis (kə-naґlis) pl. canaґles [L.] canal: a relatively narrow tubular passage or channel. Cf. channel, tube, and tunnel.

Descriptions are given on TA terms, and include anglicized names of specific canals.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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