A genus of hookworms (family Ancylostomatidae, subfamily Necatorinae) found in cattle and other herbivores; similar to Necator. [G. bounos, hill, mound, + stoma, mouth]
- B. phlebotomum a species that occurs in cattle, sheep, and some wild ruminants in many parts of the world.
- B. trigonocephalum a cosmopolitan hookworm species in the small intestines of sheep and goats.

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Bu·nos·to·mum byü-'näs-tə-məm n a genus of nematode worms including the hookworms of sheep and cattle

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Bu·no·sto·mum (bu″no-stoґməm) a genus of hookworms of the family Ancylostomatidae that parasitize cattle, sheep, and other ruminants; called also Monodontus.

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