Drug derived from roots of Corydalis cava and C. tuberosa (family Fumariaceae) and Dicentra canadensis (family Papaveraceae); blocks the effects of dopamine on peripheral dopamine receptors.

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bul·bo·cap·nine .bəl-bō-'kap-.nēn, -nən n a crystalline alkaloid C19H19NO4 that induces catalepsy and that is obtained from the roots of plants of the genus Corydalis and from squirrel corn

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bul·bo·cap·nine (bul″bo-kapґnin) an alkaloid derived from various species of Corydalis and Dicentra, which inhibits the reflex and motor activities of striated muscle. It has been used in the treatment of muscular tremors and vestibular nystagmus. Ruminants eating such plants suffer neurotoxic effects with agitation, convulsions, and sometimes death.

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