1. Pertaining to the cheek and the tongue. 2. In dentistry, referring to that aspect of the dental arch or those surfaces of the teeth in contact with the mucosa of the lip or cheek and the tongue.

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buc·co·lin·gual .bək-ō-'liŋ-g(yə-)wəl adj
1) relating to or affecting the cheek and the tongue
2) of or relating to the buccal and lingual aspects of a tooth <the \buccolingual width of a molar>
buc·co·lin·gual·ly -g(yə-)wə-lē adv

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buc·co·lin·gual (buk″o-lingґgwəl) 1. pertaining to the cheek and tongue. 2. pertaining to the buccal and lingual surfaces of a posterior tooth.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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