men·to·pos·te·ri·or (men″to-pos-tērґe-ər) [mento- + posterior] see under position.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • mentoposterior — mento|poste̱rior [zu ↑Mentum u. ↑posterior]: mit dem Kinn nach hinten liegend (bezogen auf die Lage des Fetus bei der Geburt in Gesichtslage) …   Das Wörterbuch medizinischer Fachausdrücke

  • mentoposterior position — a position of the fetus in cephalic presentation in labor, with its chin directed toward the right (RMP) or left (LMP) posterior quadrant of the maternal pelvis …   Medical dictionary

  • mentum posterior position — mentoposterior p …   Medical dictionary

  • LMP — Abbreviation for last menstrual period. By convention, pregnancies are dated in weeks starting from the first day of a woman s last menstrual period (LMP). If her menstrual periods are regular and ovulation occurs on day 14 of her cycle,… …   Medical dictionary

  • RMP — Abbreviation for right mentoposterior position. * * * rapidly miscible pool; Regional Medical Program; regional myocardial infarction; resting membrane potential; ribulose monophosphate pathway; rifampin; right mentoposterior [fetal position];… …   Medical dictionary

  • position — 1. An attitude, posture, or place occupied. 2. Posture or attitude assumed by a patient for comfort and to facilitate the performance of diagnostic, surgical, or therapeutic procedures. 3. In obstetrics, the relation of an arbitrarily chosen …   Medical dictionary

  • MDP — manic depressive psychosis; maximum diastolic potential; maximum digital pulse; methylene diphosphate; microsomal dipeptidase; minimum distending pressure; muramyldipeptide; muscular dystrophy, progressive; right mentoposterior [fetal position] * …   Medical dictionary

  • MLP — left mentoposterior [fetal position]; match list position; maximum lifespan potential; medical language processing; mesiolinguopulpal; microsomal lipoprotein; midlevel practitioner; multilayer perception; multilocus probe * * * [L.] mento laeva… …   Medical dictionary

  • MPD — Abreviatura de presentación mentoposterior derecha. Diccionario Mosby Medicina, Enfermería y Ciencias de la Salud, Ediciones Hancourt, S.A. 1999 …   Diccionario médico

  • MPI — Abreviatura de posición fetal mentoposterior izquierda. Diccionario Mosby Medicina, Enfermería y Ciencias de la Salud, Ediciones Hancourt, S.A. 1999 …   Diccionario médico

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