1. Light produced by certain organisms from the oxidation of luciferins through the action of luciferases and with negligible production of heat, chemical energy being converted directly into light energy. SYN: cold light (1). 2. Any light produced by a living organism. [bio- + L. lumen (-inis), light]

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bio·lu·mi·nes·cence .bī-ō-.lü-mə-'nes-ən(t)s n the emission of light from living organisms also the light so produced
bio·lu·mi·nes·cent -ənt adj

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bio·lu·mi·nes·cence (bi″o-loo″mĭ-nesґəns) chemoluminescence occurring in living cells, especially the emission of light as a result of cellular oxidation of a heat-stable substrate (luciferin) in the presence of a heat-sensitive enzyme (luciferase).

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