Lauth ligament

ligamentum transversum atlantis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Lauth-Ligament — La̲u̲th Ligament [nach dem frz. Physiologen E.Lauth LigamentA. Lauth, 1803 1837]: = Ligamentum arcuatum pubis …   Das Wörterbuch medizinischer Fachausdrücke

  • Lauth ligament — (lōt) [Thomas Lauth, French anatomist and surgeon, 1758–1826] ligamentum transversum atlantis …   Medical dictionary

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  • Lauth — Charles, English chemist, 1836–1913. See L. violet. Ernst A., German physician, 1803–1837. See L. canal. Thomas, German anatomist and surgeon, 1758–1826. See L. ligament …   Medical dictionary

  • ligamentum transversum atlantis — [TA] transverse ligament of atlas: the strong horizontal portion of the cruciform ligament of the atlas. It is attached at each end to the lateral masses of the atlas and curves posteriorly around the dens of the axis. It thus divides the… …   Medical dictionary

  • canal — A duct or channel; a tubular structure. SEE ALSO: c., duct. SYN: canalis [TA]. [L. canalis] abdominal c. SYN: inguinal c.. accessory c. a channel leading from the root …   Medical dictionary

  • sinus — 1. [TA] A channel for the passage of blood or lymph, without the coats of an ordinary vessel; e.g., blood passages in the gravid uterus or those in the cerebral meninges. 2. [TA] A cavity or …   Medical dictionary

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