leu·ko·co·ria (loo″ko-korґe-ə) leukokoria.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Leukocoria — (also leukokoria [ [http://medical dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/leukokoria thefreedictionary.com] ] ) is an abnormal white reflection from the retina. Despite its color, the reflection is related to the familiar red eye effect, not to… …   Wikipedia

  • leukocoria — noun An abnormal white reflection from the retina of the eye, a medical sign for a number of conditions …   Wiktionary

  • leukocoria, leukokoria — Reflection from a white mass within the eye giving the appearance of a white pupil. SYN: leukokoria, white pupillary reflex. [leuko white, + G. kore, pupil] …   Medical dictionary

  • Red reflex — The red reflex refers to the reddish orange reflection from the eye s retina that is observed when using an ophthalmoscope or retinoscope from approximately 30 cm / 1 foot. This examination usually done in a dimly lit or dark room. Many eye… …   Wikipedia

  • Norrie disease — Classification and external resources ICD 9 743.8 OMIM 310600 DiseasesDB …   Wikipedia

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