1. In general, any sensor of pressure changes. 2. Sensory nerve ending in the wall of the auricles of the heart, vena cava, aortic arch, and carotid sinus, sensitive to stretching of the wall resulting from increased pressure from within, and functioning as the receptor of central reflex mechanisms that tend to reduce that pressure. SYN: baroceptor, pressoreceptor. [G. baros, weight, + receptor]

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baro·re·cep·tor .bar-ō-ri-'sep-tər also baro·cep·tor -ō-'sep- n a sensory nerve ending esp. in the walls of large arteries (as the carotid sinus and arch of the aorta) that is sensitive to changes in blood pressure called also pressoreceptor

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a collection of sensory nerve endings specialized to monitor changes in blood pressure. The main receptors lie in the carotid sinus and the aortic arch; others are found in the walls of other large arteries and veins and some within the walls of the heart. Impulses from the receptors reach centres in the medulla; from here autonomic activity is directed so that the heart rate and resistance of the peripheral blood vessels can be adjusted appropriately.

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baro·re·cep·tor (bar″o-re-sepґtər) a type of interoceptor that is stimulated by changes in pressure, particularly one located in the wall of a blood vessel; see also under reflex. Called also baroceptor and pressoreceptor.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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