celiotomy incision

an incision made through the abdominal wall to give access to the peritoneal cavity.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Incision — A cut. When making an incision, a surgeon is making a cut. * * * A cut; a surgical wound; a division of the soft parts usually made with a knife. [L. incisio] bucket handle i. a bilateral subcostal abdominal i.. celiotomy i. an i. through the… …   Medical dictionary

  • celiotomy — Transabdominal incision into the peritoneal cavity. SYN: abdominal section, laparotomy (2), ventrotomy. [celio + G. tome, incision] vaginal c. opening the peritoneal cavity …   Medical dictionary

  • celiotomy — ˌsēlēˈäd.əmē noun ( es) Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary celio + tomy : surgical incision of the abdomen * * * /see lee ot euh mee/, n., pl. celiotomies. Surg. laparotomy (def. 2). [ < Gk koilí(a) bowels (see …   Useful english dictionary

  • ventral celiotomy — incision into the abdominal cavity through the abdominal wall …   Medical dictionary

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  • culdotomy — 1. Cutting through the posterior vaginal wall into the cul de sac of Douglas. 2. SYN: vaginal celiotomy. [cul de sac + G. tome, incision] * * * cul·dot·o·my .kəl dät ə mē, .ku̇l n …   Medical dictionary

  • Section — 1) In anatomy, a slice of tissue. A biopsy obtained by surgery is usually sectioned (sliced), and these sections are inspected under a microscope. 2) In obstetrics, short for Caesarian section. 3) In surgery, the division of tissue during an… …   Medical dictionary

  • ventrotomy — SYN: celiotomy. [ventro + G. tome, incision] * * * ven·trot·o·my (ven trotґə me) laparotomy …   Medical dictionary

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