neonatal icterus

icterus neonatorum see under jaundice.

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  • Neonatal jaundice — Yellowish staining of the skin and whites of the newborn’s eyes (sclerae) by pigment of bile (bilirubin). In newborn babies a degree of jaundice is normal. It is due to the breakdown of red blood cells (which release bilirubin into the blood) and …   Medical dictionary

  • Neonatal jaundice — Classification and external resources Jaundice in newborn ICD 10 P58, P …   Wikipedia

  • icterus gravis neonatorum — icterus gravis neo·na·tor·um .nē ō nā tȯr əm n severe jaundice in a newborn child due esp. to erythroblastosis fetalis * * * a severe type of neonatal jaundice, usually a form of isoimmunization with Rh factor; it sometimes progresses to… …   Medical dictionary

  • Neonatal isoerythrolysis — Neonatal isoerythrolysis, also known as hemolytic icterus, is a disease found in kittens and foals. It occurs when the mother has antibodies against the blood type of the newborn. In cats, the antibodies are already present in the queen s blood… …   Wikipedia

  • icterus praecox — a mild type of neonatal jaundice that sometimes develops in the first 24 hours of life and is due to incompatibility of the ABO blood group system between mother and infant; it usually clears spontaneously …   Medical dictionary

  • Adenylate kinase — 3D ribbon/surface model of adenylate kinase in complex with bis(adenosine)teraphosphate (ADP ADP) Identifiers Symbol ADK …   Wikipedia

  • Jaundice — Yellowing redirects here. For the plant disease, see lethal yellowing. For paper degradation, see foxing. Icterus and icteric redirect here. For the physiological event, see Ictal. For the songbird Icteria, see Yellow breasted Chat. Jaundice… …   Wikipedia

  • Jaundice — Yellowish staining of the skin and sclerae (the whites of the eyes) by abnormally blood high levels of the bile pigment bilirubin. The yellowing extends to other tissues and body fluids. Jaundice was once called the morbus regius (the regal… …   Medical dictionary

  • Hemolytic disease of the newborn — Not to be confused with Hemorrhagic disease of the newborn. HDN Classification and external resources ICD 10 P55 ICD 9 7 …   Wikipedia

  • syndrome — The aggregate of symptoms and signs associated with any morbid process, and constituting together the picture of the disease. SEE ALSO: disease. [G. s., a running together, tumultuous concourse; (in med.) a concurrence of symptoms, fr. syn,… …   Medical dictionary

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