1. Symbol for boron; for aspartic acid or asparagine when it is unclear which of the two amino acid s is present; for bromouridine; second substrate in a multisubstrate enzyme-catalyzed reaction. 2. As a subscript, refers to barometric pressure.
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bacillus; bands; barometric; base; basophil, basophilic; bath [Lat. balneum]; Baume scale; behavior; bel; Benoist scale; benzoate; beta; biscuspid; black; blood, bloody; blue; body; boils at; Bolton point; bone marrow- derived [cell or lymphocyte]; born; boron; bound; bovine; break; bregma; bronchial, bronchus; brother; Brucella; bruit; buccal; Bucky [film in cassette in Potter-Bucky diaphragm]; Bucky factor; bursa cells; burst [pacemaker]; bypass; byte; colorectal tumor extending into adipose tissue [Dukes classification]; magnetic induction; minimal detectable blurring; supramentale [point]

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B symbol boron
B 'bē n the one of the four ABO blood groups characterized by the presence of antigens designated by the letter B and by the presence of antibodies against the antigens present in the A blood group

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bel; boron.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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