An electronic device used in measuring the threshold of hearing for pure tones of frequencies generally varying from 125–8000 Hz and speech (recorded in terms of decibels). [audio- + G. metron, measure]
- automatic a. SYN: Békésy a..
- Békésy a. an automatic a. in which the tone sweeps the audiometric scale while the patient controls intensity by pressing a button when the tone is heard and releases when tone cannot be heard; may be operated either at a fixed frequency or at steadily changing frequencies. SYN: automatic a..
- pure-tone a. an a. that generates pure tones of selected frequencies with varying intensity. The stimuli are delivered by air conduction and bone conduction to differentiate conductive, sensorineural, or mixed hearing loss.
- speech a. an a. that provides spoken material at controlled sound pressure levels to obtain speech reception thresholds, tolerance for loud speech, and discrimination ability, using either a live voice with a microphone or a recorded voice. It provides a measurement of overall performance in hearing, understanding, and responding to speech and an estimate of the degree of hearing disability.

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au·di·om·e·ter .ȯd-ē-'äm-ət-ər n an instrument used in measuring the acuity of hearing called also acoumeter

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an apparatus for measuring hearing at different sound frequencies, so helping in the diagnosis of deafness.
audiometry n.

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au·di·om·e·ter (aw″de-omґə-tər) [audio- + -meter] an electronic device that produces acoustic stimuli of known frequency and intensity for the measurement of hearing.

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