Auberger blood group, Au blood group

See Blood Groups appendix.

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  • Auberger blood group — Au·ber·ger blood group (o bār zhaґ) [Auberger, surname of the French propositus first reported on in 1961] see under blood group …   Medical dictionary

  • Auberger blood group — a blood group consisting of the erythrocytic antigen Aua, related to the Lutheran blood group …   Medical dictionary

  • Blood group — An inherited feature on the surface of the red blood cells. A series of related blood types constitute a blood group system such as the Rh or the ABO system. The frequencies of the ABO and Rh blood types vary from population to population. In the …   Medical dictionary

  • antigen — Any substance that, as a result of coming in contact with appropriate cells, induces a state of sensitivity and/or immune responsiveness after a latent period (days to weeks) and that reacts in a demonstrable way with antibodies and/or immune… …   Medical dictionary

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