Relating to athyroidism.

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  • sporadic nongoitrous cretinism — athyrotic c …   Medical dictionary

  • athyreotic cretinism — athyrotic cretinism cretinism due to thyroid aplasia or destruction of the thyroid of the fetus in utero; called also sporadic nongoitrous c …   Medical dictionary

  • hypothyroid — Marked by reduced thyroid function. * * * hy·po·thy·roid .hī pō thī .rȯid adj of, relating to, or affected with hypothyroidism * * * hy·po·thy·roid (hi″po thiґroid) marked by or due to hypothyroidism. Called also athyrotic, thyroprival,… …   Medical dictionary

  • syndrome — The aggregate of symptoms and signs associated with any morbid process, and constituting together the picture of the disease. SEE ALSO: disease. [G. s., a running together, tumultuous concourse; (in med.) a concurrence of symptoms, fr. syn,… …   Medical dictionary

  • athyreotic — athy·re·ot·ic (ə thi″re otґik) 1. hypothyroid. 2. athyrotic (def. 2) …   Medical dictionary

  • athyria — athy·ria (ə thiґre ə) 1. hypothyroidism. 2. complete absence of thyroid function; the concept has largely been replaced by severe hypothyroidism. athyrotic adj …   Medical dictionary

  • athyroid — athy·roid (a thiґroid) athyrotic …   Medical dictionary

  • Debrй-Sйmйlaigne syndrome — autosomal recessive athyrotic cretinism associated with myotonia and muscular pseudohypertrophy. Called also Kocher Debrй Sйmйlaigne s …   Medical dictionary

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