NH2COCH2CH(NH3+COO; the β-amide of aspartic acid, the l-isomer is a nutritionally nonessential amino acid occurring in proteins; a diuretic.
- a. ligase an acid:ammonia ligase (amide synthetase) forming l-a. and l-glutamate from l-aspartate and l-glutamine, with the concomitant cleavage of ATP to AMP and pyrophosphate. Under nonphysiological conditions, the mammalian enzyme can use ammonia as the nitrogen donor. A. ligase also displays a glutaminase-like activity. SYN: a. synthetase.
- a. synthetase SYN: a. ligase.

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as·par·a·gine ə-'spar-ə-.jēn n a white crystalline amino acid C4H8N2O3 that is an amide of aspartic acid abbr. Asn

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as·par·a·gine (ə-sparґə-jēn) (ə-sparґə-jin) [Gr. asparagos asparagus] a nonessential amino acid that is the β-amide of aspartic acid. It is found in most plants, and has diuretic properties. It is used as a culture medium for certain bacteria. Symbols Asn and N. See also table at amino acid.

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