Physical wasting with loss of weight and muscle mass caused by disease. Patients with cancer, AIDS, or other major chronic diseases may appear cachetic.
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A general weight loss and wasting occurring in the course of a chronic disease or emotional disturbance. [G. kakos, bad, + hexis, condition of body]
- c. aphthosa SYN: sprue (1).
- c. aquosa an edematous form of ancylostomiasis.
- diabetic neuropathic c. a clinical syndrome seen almost exclusively in elderly diabetic males, consisting of the rather sudden onset of severe limb pain, marked weight loss, depression, and impotence. These patients appear to have a combination of a severe diabetic polyneuropathy, diffuse bilateral diabetic polyradiculopathy, and diabetic autonomic neuropathy.
- c. hypophyseopriva a condition following total removal of the hypophysis cerebri resulting in panhypopituitarism marked by a fall of body temperature, electrolyte imbalance, and hypoglycemia, followed by coma and death.
- malarial c. SYN: chronic malaria.
- pituitary c. SYN: Sheehan syndrome.
- c. strumipriva SYN: c. thyropriva.
- c. thyroidea SYN: c. thyropriva.
- c. thyropriva signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism (with or without myxedema) resulting from the loss of thyroid tissue, either from surgery, radiotherapy, or disease. SYN: c. strumipriva, c. thyroidea.

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ca·chex·ia kə-'kek-sē-ə, ka- also ca·chexy kə-'kek-sē, ka-; 'kak-.ek- n, pl -chex·ias also -chex·ies general physical wasting and malnutrition usu. associated with chronic disease

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a condition of abnormally low weight, weakness, and general bodily decline associated with chronic disease. It occurs in such conditions as cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, and malaria.

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ca·chex·ia (kə-kekґse-ə) [cac- + Gr. hexis habit + -ia] a profound and marked state of constitutional disorder; general ill health and malnutrition. cachectic adj

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