1. Creation of an artificial joint to correct advanced degenerative arthritis, 2. An operation to restore as far as possible the integrity and functional power of a joint. [arthro- + G. plastos, formed]
- Charnley hip a. a form of total hip replacement consisting of the application of an acetabular cup and a femoral head prosthesis; it bears the name of John Charnley who is regarded as the pioneer in the development of this procedure.
- gap a. the surgical correction of ankylosis by creating a space between the ankylosed part of a joint and the portion for which movement is desired.
- interposition a. surgical correction of ankylosis by separation of the immobile part of a joint from the mobilized part and interposition of a substance ( e.g., fascia, cartilage, metal, or plastic) between them.
- intracapsular temporomandibular joint a. operative recontouring of the articular surface of the mandibular condyle without the removal of the articular disk.
- total joint a. a. in which both joint surfaces are replaced with artificial materials, usually composed of metal and high-density plastic; currently being performed for hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow.

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ar·thro·plas·ty 'är-thrə-.plas-tē n, pl -ties plastic surgery of a joint (as the hip or knee): the operative formation or restoration of a joint

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surgical remodelling of a diseased joint. To prevent the ends of the bones fusing after the operation, a large gap may be created between them (gap or excision arthroplasty), a barrier of artificial material may be inserted (interposition arthroplasty), or one or both bone ends may be replaced by a prosthesis of metal or plastic (replacement arthroplasty). This operation may replace both joint surfaces (total arthroplasty) or only one (see hemiarthroplasty). See also hip replacement.

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ar·thro·plas·ty (ahrґthro-plas″te) [arthro- + -plasty] plastic surgery of a joint or of joints; the formation of movable joints. Called also joint replacement. arthroplastic adj

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