scalar electrocardiogram

see electrocardiogram.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Electrocardiogram — A recording of the electrical activity of the heart. An electrocardiogram is a simple, non invasive procedure. Electrodes are placed on the skin of the chest and connected in a specific order to a machine that, when turned on, measures electrical …   Medical dictionary

  • vector analysis — analysis of a directed quantity to determine both its magnitude and its direction, e.g., analysis of the scalar electrocardiogram to determine the magnitude and direction of the electromotive force for one complete cycle of the heart …   Medical dictionary

  • vector diagram — a diagram representing the direction and magnitude of electromotive forces of the heart for one entire cycle, based on analysis of the scalar electrocardiogram …   Medical dictionary

  • electrocardiography — 1. A method of recording electrical currents traversing the heart muscle. 2. The study and interpretation of electrocardiograms. fetal e. recording the electrocardiogram of the fetus in utero …   Medical dictionary

  • electricity — /i lek tris i tee, ee lek /, n. 1. See electric charge. 2. See electric current. 3. the science dealing with electric charges and currents. 4. a state or feeling of excitement, anticipation, tension, etc. [1640 50; ELECTRIC + ITY] * * *… …   Universalium

  • vectorcardiography — The integration of scalar electrocardiographic recordings on two or three planes to produce a vectorcardiogram consisting of loops divided by a timing mechanism for all the waves of the electrocardiogram. spatial v. three dimensional v. in which… …   Medical dictionary

  • electrocardiography — n. a technique for recording the electrical activity of the heart. Electrodes connected to the recording apparatus (electrocardiograph) are placed on the skin of the four limbs and chest wall; the record itself is called an electrocardiogram… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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