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absolute risk; acceptable risk; accounts receivable; achievement ratio; acrosome reaction; actinic reticuloid [syndrome]; active resistance; acute rejection; acute relapse; adherence ratio; admission rate; admitting room; adrenergic receptor; adrenodoxin reductase; airway resistance; alarm reaction; alcohol related; alkali reserve; allergic rhinitis; allowance region [radiotherapy]; alloy restoration; ambulance report; amphiregulin; amplitude ratio; analytical reagent; androgen receptor; anterior root; aortic regurgitation; apical-radial; Argyll Robertson [pupil]; aromatase; arsphenamine; articulare; artificial respiration; ascorbate reductase; assisted respiration; at risk; atrial rate; atrial reversal; atrophic rhinitis; augmented reality [computer graphics]; autoradiography; autoregressive; autosomal recessive

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Ar symbol argon

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alarm reaction; aortic regurgitation; artificial respiration.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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