duct of MÑŒller

mÑŒllerian duct paramesonephric d.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • MÑŒller capsule duct etc. — MÑŒl·ler capsule, duct, etc. (meґler) [Johannes Peter MÑŒller, German physiologist, 1801–1858, the founder of scientific medicine in Germany] see capsula glomeruli and ganglion superius nervi glossopharyngei; see paramesonephric duct, under… …   Medical dictionary

  • paramesonephric duct — para·me·so·neph·ric duct .mez ə nef rik , .mēz , .mēs , .mes n MÜLLERIAN DUCT * * * (Müllerian duct) either of the paired ducts that form adjacent to the mesonephric ducts (see mesonephros) in the embryo. In the female these ducts develop into… …   Medical dictionary

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