Selter disease


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  • Selter disease — Sel·ter disease (zelґtər) [Paul Selter, German pediatrician, 1866–1941] acrodynia …   Medical dictionary

  • Swift's disease — swifts n ACRODYNIA Swift H. (fl 1918) Australian physician. Swift described acrodynia about 1918. His description was not the first, for the German pediatrician Paul Selter had described it in 1903. Later, other physicians would offer more… …   Medical dictionary

  • Mercury poisoning — Classification and external resources Elemental mercury ICD 10 T …   Wikipedia

  • ФЕЕРА БОЛЕЗНЬ — (Feer) описывается под различными названиями: б нь Selter Swift Feer a, вегетативный невроз маленьких детей, трофо I дерматоневроз, паралич вегетативной системы, дерматополиневрит, acrodynia infantilis, pink disease (красная б нь), erythroedema… …   Большая медицинская энциклопедия

  • acrodynia — 1. Pain in peripheral or acral parts of the body. 2. A syndrome caused almost exclusively in the past by mercury poisoning : in children, characterized by erythema of the extremities, chest, and nose, gastrointestinal symptoms and by …   Medical dictionary

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