crus membranaceum simplex ductus semicircularis

[TA] simple membranous crus of semicircular duct: the nonampullary end of the lateral semicircular duct of the ear, opening into the utricle.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • crus osseum simplex — [TA] simple bony crus: that part of the lateral bony semicircular canal of the ear that lodges the crus membranaceum simplex ductus semicircularis; called also c. simplex canalis semicircularis …   Medical dictionary

  • crus — 1. SYN: leg. 2. Any anatomical structure resembling a leg; usually (in the plural) a pair of diverging bands or elongated masses. SEE ALSO: limb. [L.] ampullary crura of semicircular ducts SYN: ampullary membranous limbs of semicircular ducts,… …   Medical dictionary

  • simple membranous crus of semicircular duct — c. membranaceum simplex ductus semicircularis …   Medical dictionary

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