Closure by suture of the sac of an aneurysm to restore the normal lumen dimensions. [aneurysm + G. rhaphe, suture]

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an·eu·rys·mor·rha·phy (an″u-riz-morґə-fe) [aneurysm + -rrhaphy] the operation of suturing an aneurysm.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • aneurysmoplasty — Repair of an aneurysm by opening the sac and suturing its walls to restore the normal dimension to the lumen of the artery. SEE ALSO: aneurysmorrhaphy. SYN: endoaneurysmoplasty, endoaneurysmorrhaphy. [aneurysm + G. plastos, formed] …   Medical dictionary

  • endoaneurysmorrhaphy — SYN: aneurysmoplasty. [endo + G. aneurysma, aneurysm, + rhaphe, suture] * * * en·do·an·eu·rys·mor·rha·phy .en dō .an yə .riz mȯr ə fē n, pl phies a surgical treatment of aneurysm that involves opening its sac and collapsing, folding, and… …   Medical dictionary

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