Atrophoderma in which the skin becomes baglike and wrinkled or depressed, with loss of dermal elasticity. SYN: atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis, atrophoderma maculatum, macular atrophy, primary idiopathic macular atrophy, primary macular atrophy of skin. [G. anetos, relaxed, + derma, skin]
- Jadassohn-Pellizzari a. cutaneous atrophy preceded by inflammatory erythematous or urticarial lesions of the trunk and upper portions of the extremities, and enlarging to 2–3 cm before undergoing involution.
- Schweninger-Buzzi a. sudden appearance of permanent, noninflamatory bluish-white balloon-like lesions, soft and readily indented, chiefly on the trunk of women.

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an·e·to·der·ma (an″ə-to-durґmə) [Gr. anetos slack + derma] a rare type of localized elastolysis producing circumscribed areas of soft, thin, wrinkled skin that may protrude as small outpouchings. It may be primary and accompanied by inflammatory lesions, or secondary to syphilis, leprosy, or tuberculosis. See also atrophoderma. Called also atrophia cutis, atrophia maculosa, and macular atrophy.

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