interocclusal clearance

see under distance.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • interocclusal — Between the occlusal surfaces of opposing teeth. * * * in·ter·oc·clu·sal ə klü səl, ä klü , zəl adj situated or occurring between the occlusal surfaces of opposing teeth <interocclusal clearance> * * * in·ter·oc·clu·sal (in″tər o …   Medical dictionary

  • interocclusal distance — the distance between the occluding surfaces of the maxillary and mandibular teeth when the mandible is in physiologic rest position; called also freeway space and interocclusal clearance, gap, and space …   Medical dictionary

  • clearance — 1. (C with a subscript indicating the substance removed)Removal of a substance from the blood, e.g., by renal excretion, expressed in terms of the volume flow of arterial blood or plasma that would contain the amount of substance removed per …   Medical dictionary

  • space — Any demarcated portion of the body, either an area of the surface, a segment of the tissues, or a cavity. SEE ALSO: area, region, zone. SYN: spatium [TA]. [L. spatium, room, s.] alveolar dead s …   Medical dictionary

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