optic chiasm

chiasma opticum.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Optic chiasm — Brain: Optic chiasm Visual pathway with optic chiasm (X shape outlined, red) (1543 image from Andreas Vesalius Fabrica) Latin chiasma opticum Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • optic chiasm — noun the crossing of the optic nerves from the two eyes at the base of the brain • Syn: ↑optic chiasma, ↑chiasma opticum • Hypernyms: ↑chiasma, ↑chiasm, ↑decussation * * * noun see optic chia …   Useful english dictionary

  • optic chiasm — optic commissure the X shaped structure formed by the two optic nerves, which pass backwards from the eyeballs to meet in the midline beneath the brain, near the pituitary gland (see illustration). Nerve fibres from the nasal side of the retina… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • optic chiasm — noun The part of the brain where the optic nerves partially cross. Syn: optic chiasma …   Wiktionary

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  • optic chiasma — n the X shaped partial decussation on the undersurface of the hypothalamus through which the optic nerves are continuous with the brain called also optic chiasm * * * the X shaped structure formed by the two optic nerves, which pass backwards… …   Medical dictionary

  • Chiasm — may refer to: Chiasm (musical project), an electronic music project by Emileigh Rohn Optic chiasm, the part of the brain where the optic nerves partially cross Chiasma (genetics), the point where two chromatids are intertwined (interwoven) in a… …   Wikipedia

  • optic glioma — optic nerve glioma, optic pathway glioma a slow growing glioma of the optic nerve or optic chiasm heralded by loss of vision, often with secondary strabismus, followed by proptosis and loss of eye movement …   Medical dictionary

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