leptomeningeal carcinomatosis

meningeal carcinoma.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • carcinomatosis — A condition resulting from widespread dissemination of carcinoma in multiple sites in various organs or tissues of the body; sometimes also used in relation to involvement of a relatively large region of the body. leptomeningeal c. SYN: meningeal …   Medical dictionary

  • carcinoma — Any of various types of malignant neoplasm derived from epithelial cells, chiefly glandular (adenocarcinoma) or squamous (squamous cell c.); the most commonly occurring kind of cancer. [G. karkinoma, fr. karkinos, cancer, + oma, tumor] Like other …   Medical dictionary

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  • meningeal carcinoma — carcinomatous infiltration of the meninges, particularly the pia and arachnoid; it may be primary or secondary, especially metastatic from small cell lung carcinoma or breast cancer. Called also leptomeningeal c. and leptomeningeal or meningeal… …   Medical dictionary

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